M. Rezaiee-Pajand, S.R. Sarafrazi and M. Hashemian
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, No. 88,pp 880–896.
Publication year: 2011


The implicit higher order accuracy (IHOA) time integration family has a high order of accuracy. However, its stability domains are very restrictive. By improving the stability conditions, the larger time steps can be utilized. In this study, two parameters are introduced in the displacement and velocity extrapolations of IHOA. In order to find the optimum values of the proposed parameters, the dissipation and the dispersion are investigated. Three conditionally stable versions of the second‐, third‐, and forth‐order algorithms are found. It is shown that these formulations have larger stability domains than the previous ones. Furthermore, the suggested strategies give responses that are more accurate.


nonlinear dynamic analysis; numerical time integration; implicit higher order accuracy process; improving stability